Mupen64plusae not compatible with Android 13

Hi there i recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung S23 which runs Android 13. I had been running Mupen64PlusAE on my previous device and it worked just fine. I was running an N64 WWF No Mercy mod with cheats and hi res graphics. But now Mupen64Plusae is not compatible with my device. I know of Mupen64plusfz and that its a newer version of Mupen64 but it is an inferior emulator for what i use it for. The emulator runs slower, lags at times, takes longer to boot the rom, and crashes when i try to edit cheats. I managed to use Mupenfz but its more of a downgrade compared to Mupen64Plusae. My question is, can Mupen64Plusae by Paul be updated or ported for Android 13? Thanks.

I handed the project over to @fzurita a few years back while I focused on a new project. I originally kept the outdated version on the play store for compatibility with older devices, and fzurita published a new listing which he has kept compatible with newer devices. The play store has of course since de-listed the outdated app since it has not been maintained. It would probably take some considerable effort to port the older version to newer Android versions. I would also be curious to know if someone has attempted to do that.

Jayro, it should not be crashing when you edit cheats. For most users it works fine. I did redesign how cheats worked a long time ago and there were some issues at first, but I did fix those issues with time. If you can still reproduce a crash with the latest version, let me know the exact reproducible scenario and I can fix it.

As for loading times, those were necessary changes due to the forced introduction of “storage access framework” in the later versions of Android. I did the best I could do there.

I’m not sure about the stutters, I haven’t experienced those myself. There are some stutters when using the GLideN64 emulation profiles when compiling shaders and when using high resolution texture packs. I’m not aware of any others.

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