I am the second one!

Hey! what a coincidence, i was looking in Minecraft Logs for bugs and remembered a long time ago about the SoundSystem output so, i dicided to enter in the link mentioned and here I am.

Surprised that a fresh new forum being developed right in front of my eyes and glad to be the second one person to create a topic in this sucessfull forum!

Belive, Paul, made a history happen for millions of people. A huge thanks and greetings from Brazil :brazil:. Hope you all well! :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words! It is taking me a while to get everything set up here (I have more than just the forum rebuild in this revamp of PaulsCode). I’ll be posting about my latest projects soon.

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I remember the SoundSystem output Minecraft thread on the old site, helped a lot of people! Greetings buddy :blush: