Mupen64 plus FZ questions

Hello Paul and others, I have some questions regarding support for Mupen64 plus FZ edition and other ideas.

Since the new reset of this forum are you (Mr Lamb) willing to continue allowing others to post support for that emulator here?

I like how you’ve implemented strict anti-spam measures just to be able to post here, I am not a developer but I was wondering your thoughts on if I created a fun gaming thread under General Topics here?

It took about 2 weeks for my verification to be accepted, that’s fine as long as it keeps the spam away. Is it ok for gamers to post here? Thanks.

Hello, Nato,

Welcome to the forum! Sure, you can post Mupen64Plus AE/FZ questions and ideas. I’ve created a Category for these types of discussions. The forum doesn’t have a lot of members yet, but hopefully it can grow over time.

For concerns about spam controls, just keep any new topics from looking like a bot created them. I think the algorithm mainly flags new users who post links. I’ll be careful about not trusting the spam filters before deleting anything, and if your posts get flagged incorrectly I won’t remove them.

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Thanks Paul, I appreciate you getting back to me. :slightly_smiling_face: