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TUROK: Dinosaur Hunter

Hi everyone, one of my favourite games of all time is the first Turok game.
I loved the atmosphere and jungle setting as well as the tribal music and variety of enemies, from humans to dinosaurs and aliens.

The controls took a bit to get used to on the N64 original but once you got a hang of it the game was surprisingly open, with large maps to explore and secrets to find plus keys to unlock other levels.

The portal system was like something out of Stargate, I thought it was very cool at the time.
Along the way you can collect secret Chronoscepter pieces in each level, a secret weapon that kills the end boss in 3 hits.

The Nightdive remaster is the best version of the game and I recommend playing that version if you’re interested…

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Xain’d Sleena (Solar Warrior)

Xain’d Sleena was an 80’s arcade game that I used to play down at the local fish and chips store, as well as out front of petrol stations and in places like bowling alleys and skate arenas.

The game was a 2d side scolling shooter, similar to Contra or Metal Slug but harder due to slowdown.

When you hit the start button you’re greeted by a title screen then you’re taken to a stage select screen, where you play through a themed level before facing a boss at the end.

Once you defeat the level boss you jump in your ship and play a short Gradius style shooting section before choosing your next stage…

For me the music in this game stands out, playing it again recently via emulation gives me a blast of nostalgia even though the game is flawed.

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